Through its journey spanning over 60 years, starting with the production of 3 tons of biscuits per day in the Birlik factory in 1962, Bifa Biscuits and Food Ind. Inc. has become a significant international actor that exports to more than 100 countries with its facilities in 4 different countries.

In its factory built on 500,000 m , they produce more than 120,000 tons per year in Karaman alone.
In addition to biscuit, chocolate, cake, wafer, and cracker production lines, Bifa has established a Flour Factory and a Packaging Factory for its production needs. Moreover, Babaoğlu Agriculture and Örnek Agriculture, which are pioneers in their field, are among Bifa’s subsidiaries.

Having a wide product range and high production capacity in their technological production facilities, Bifa Biscuits has also launched its Britain Office, Unifa, as of 2022 with a modern management approach.







Our founder Yılmaz Babaoğlu’s philosophy, “Successful companies are built with happy employees” acts as a beacon for all of our human resources practices. As Bifa Biscuits, we believe that the key to achieving social progress and economic development is happier employees and happier workplaces. With our people-centered transformation, we focus on the peace of mind that comes from unwavering dedication, and we act with an innovative human resources perspective built on the values of fairness, sincerity, and lifelong development.
Behind all these achievements are the coordinated work of our founder Yılmaz Babaoğlu and our Chairman Necati Babaoğlu with their colleagues, the visionary breakthroughs accomplished by BİFA, and the support it receives from the community through close communication.

Our founder Yılmaz Babaoğlu used to explain this success as follows: “When BİFA was founded, it was an abbreviation of ‘BİRLİK FACTORY’. Over time, people associated BİFA with biscuits and perceived it as ‘BISCUIT FACTORY’. Now I say: BIFA is a ‘BIG FAMILY’. BIFA is our factory, not mine. We do not only produce biscuits. We also carry out a range of social activities from education to afforestation. In doing so, we are proud to share our achievements with our people.”





Bifa Biscuits has progressed by assuming responsibility for many of Türkiye’s breakthroughs, from industrialization to globalization, and has always developed with this awareness throughout its journey of more than 60 years, from 1962 to the present day.

Bifa Biscuits Family carries out its activities with the understanding of corporate governance under international standards, customer satisfaction, sustainability, innovation, and social responsibility.
As one of Türkiye’s most important companies, it will continue to create value for all its stakeholders and all humanity.





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