About us

Established in Karaman in 1962, Bifa Biscuits and Food Factory Co. has recorded remarkably rapid expansion and development due to its application of modern food processing techniques in all aspects of production. As a result it has always been a leading name in the Turkish biscuit sector.

Bifa's modern plants are located on a 100,000 square meter industrial estate, 75,000 square meters of which is covered area. Manufacturing volume is in excess of 470,000 kg/day and there are more than 400 varieties of biscuits, chocolates, wafers, cakes, crackers and candies coming from its production units.

Besides Turkey, Bifa is a renowned international exporter, with customers in over 77 countries and territories around the world. Bifa has also set up factory in Algeria to serve the local markets and neighboring countries there.

Bifa has always manufactured top quality products that in no way compromise human health, hygiene or the environment. As a result our products have been awarded one gold and two silver medals in various international food quality competitions.

Bifa currently employs more than 2500 workers at its plant in Karaman and, through sales to both domestic and foreign markets, is proud of its contribution to the Turkish economy. Bifa Biscuits holds  K-Q TSE ISO9000, Ç-E TSE ISO14000, HACCP, TSE and Halal certificates for all its products and a TSEK certificate for all its cake products.

In addition to biscuits, chocolate, cake, wafers and crackers lines, Bifa also maintains a flourmill, a hard paper-packing factory, cold storage plants. As a result the company is able to manufacture a substantial amount of the raw materials it uses for biscuits and confectioneries.

Bifa has also opened PRIVATE BABAOGLU PRIMARY SCHOOL, which has 22 classrooms on its own area of 35.000 square meters in the season of 2000-2001. There are also some sporting facilities for all kids and workers of Bifa.

In addition to industrial development, social, cultural, and educational issues, particularly with regard to the local community, have been a concern for Bifa. This has resulted in Bifa constructing a housing complex of 220 apartments, a primary education school, building extensions to an existing primary school, and a secondary school for its employees and their children. These social projects were done as a contribution to the Ministry of National Education. Bifa is also actively involved in various sports, sponsoring events and providing facilities for local youth to develop their talents.


To produce with perfectionism principle by adapting changing economic conditions.

To work with certain rules and principles in a systematic manner in order to contribute Turkish economy.

To comply fully with legal requirements.

To keep improving our quality and safety standarts.


As a company, our sense of quality constitutes of adopting a systematic, planned and orderly working organization, fully abiding by the official requirements and enhancing the quality and security day after day with the aim of a full adaptation to the changing global conditions, manufacturing according to principles of excellence and performing activities which add values to the Turkish economy.


To become a future company which contributes positive values to the Turkish economy while growing constantly through our respects humanity, environment and life and future.


To raise the standards through the use of advanced technologies, merge quality with excellence, and continue walking with enthusiasm and belief in the path of global fame to become the leading made-in-Turkey taste.